The “Broken” New Dorm

The new upperclassmen haven…or so they thought.

For Pace students, Elm Hall was designed with an apartment like feel, situated just a minute away from the main eatery, on-campus Starbucks, the library and the mailroom. This new building has four floors of dormitories, a basement and a first floor level with offices and classrooms. Lounges are scattered amongst the building each uniquely themed. Room styles vary from a two person setup with private amenities and a living area to the same style but with five people.

As luxurious and appealing as this new building aimed to be, there are consistent new issues arising each day. From the lack of hot water for the third day the first week, air conditioners leaking brown goo, to the screws in chairs not be assembled properly so they rip up the freshly installed tile, and water foundations with no water. Unfortunately, this new dorm has a lot more work to be done than originally anticipated.

After listening to a few section meetings and having students describe their first day I was able to get a better gist of the situation. Upon entering into the new dorm the first day, initial feelings of excitement and astonishment were prevalent. The beauty of everything being new, stellar views, it was all too good to be true. As students settled in discoveries were being made, such as painters tape left in the bathroom, iron filings from installing the blinds covering the floor, and keys left in the bathroom ceiling panels where electrical wires are stored. There are a lot of kinks that will need to be worked out in the coming weeks for Elm to be complete.


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