Going Greek

Nine fraternities, ten sororities, a mix of locals, culturals and nationals-it’s a great way to get involved on campus, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?! That’s what is professed at the Circle of Greeks when all of the Greek organizations come together for a night and mingle with those interested in becoming a part of the Greek community. Year after year this event is one of the most successful in finding people who are interested in the Greek life culture and educating them.

The majority of attendees are freshman, and some sophomores can be found here and there. The overarching idea of this event is for interested members to walk around a room, pass by each table where the fraternities and sororities have their members in matching letters to make them easily identifiable, and for you to go up and ask them questions. The most common ones being: What is your philanthropy? How many members are in your organization? What’s your favorite aspect of being in a Greek organization?

After these conversations potential members have the option of writing their information down to be contacted when that organization will have upcoming events. After an hour everyone merges into the center of the room to watch video’s each Greek fraternity and sorority have made (they usually include all of the members having a good time, goofing around, wearing their letters) Each video has the same overarching goal: to make their video memorable, so when it comes time for recruitment new potential members remember who they are.

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 15 at 9:00pm in Goldstein Fitness Center.






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