Got Milk?

2%, 1%, Half & Half…all dairy products most enjoy adding into their coffee or drink of choice. However, for those of you out there that suffer from lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy, Pace Mart has just begun stocking Soy Milk, Lactaid and for anyone with a soy allergy there is Almond Milk too!

Pace Mart is the central hub for all snacking goodies in the library. From late night coffee necessities, half-off baked goods and everything in between, it has proven to be an essential component to the Pace campus, particularly during finals week.

The availability of options within a store where several feed their coffee addiction morning, night, and to get through the mounds of homework it has become prudent to give the students what they’ve suggested…choices.

Lactose intolerance occurs due to a lack of lactase enzymes which break down lactose into simpler forms. Those who suffer from a dairy allergy, or basic intolerance experience a wide array of symptoms and severities within them.

Pace Mart has a suggestion box where students can feel free to anonymously leave ideas that they believe should be implemented. From there the Pace Mart team discusses, strategizes and ultimately implements new options, like the current enactment of having milk alternatives.



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