A universities website says a lot about them, especially to a potential student, therefore Pace has to consistently work on ensuring their website contains the most recent information.

Pace University has touched on every single detail to ensure is eye-catching and informative at a first glance. The website has a limited color palette but makes each section bright and bold in its own unique way. Vivid images roam the screen with each scene depicting a fun event. With easy access, simple transitions from one page to the next, and an events, news and social media section its a fun interactive website you could scroll through for hours. In addition, they completed it with a “currently at pace” section that has an easy scrolling feature containing the most up to date stories regarding students, faculty, staff and successes alike.

When applying to universities, a common theme amongst college bound students is examining that schools webpage. From the mix of easy to read fonts, having information present on a page while still maintaining a neat layout helps to limit the possibility of the student getting overwhelmed. The bottom most portion of the homepage contains the most vital information such as contact numbers, career preparation and admission and aid section, success stories and life of campus sections. These links can quickly aid students and help lead an interested or frustrated student in the right direction.

Pace is consistently updating its website from the pictures it posts, adding Pace news in regard to faculty, events, admission, virtual tour videos, leadership rewards, scholarships, awards and more. There is always something new to be explored!



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