The Library Isn’t Just For Studying

Mortola Library…the central hub that’s always hustling and bustling no matter the hour.

The library has a plethora of different outlets for students. Aside from the basic studying and textbook reading Mortola provides a rentable “Blue Room” equipped with a television, easel and other necessities for group projects. There is also Pace Mart where refreshments, snacks, and other items to munch on are readily available.

On the second floor there are several small cubicles for individual work, novels lining the walls and group tables. And, on the third floor there is the tutoring center. Here, students who need further instruction or assistance in a subject area seek help. The tutoring center is operated primarily by students who have excelled in a particular class or subject matter.

In addition, there is an electronic classroom where teachers can host class, normally the classes consist of informative sessions for first year students providing instructions on how to navigate the library page. Also on the first floor, there are tables with countless MacBooks and Dell desktops for student or faculty use. A section where students can rent laptops for limited times and use them during class, at the library or on their own time is an option as well.

And, towards the back of the first floor is the Birnbaum Room. Here student clubs and organizations, or any events can request this room as a meeting place; often it is used for LinkedIn workshops hosted by the Lubin School of Business. Overall, the library isn’t just a stressful study place, it is a network of resources combined to make the studying experience a well rounded one.


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