Master Plan-Phase 1 Done

Pace has been working on its new master plan for the past few years which entails three different phases from basic addition, modern new dormitories, revamped townhouses, and a plethora of other additives around the campus.

On September 21, 2016, the students of Pace University were sent an email stating that “Phase 1A of the Master Site Plan has been completed, and Pace is now shifting the focus to maximizing our facilities to ensure that our community thrives,” stated Adelia Williams, the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at Pace.

Phase 1A consisted of a lengthy list including building an environmental center, two new residence halls: Alumni Hall and Elm Hall, an East Side expansion onto Kessel Student Center, new athletics field house and softball field, converting the baseball and football fields to synthetic turf, and making the campus green and ensuring strong infrastructure.

Pace has focused on creating a sustainable design where “conservation and use of native materials” are key according to it’s website.  Focusing on implementing green and environmentally beneficial facilities is essential. It will safe money in the long run, and harm the world’s habitat less abruptly. In addition, Pace is keeping 60 percent of its 200-acre plot as green space. Meaning, there is always room to grow if more dormitories, academic buildings, or another environmental center is requested.




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