Sunday Night Grilling!

What’s better than a BBQ on a Sunday evening? Add in the fact that there will be free food, and every college student will probably come running.

Sunday, September 25, Elm Hall’s very own faculty-in-residence, Professor Finewood, hosted the second Sunday Night Grilling thus far this semester. The grill is centrally located outside of Elm Hall, angled towards the center most part of campus so all who walk by may grab a hot dog, hamburger or veggie burger and enjoy!

Professor Finewood appeared enthusiastic and talkative with each student that approached him for some delicious grub. Paired with his happy demeanor was his neon magenta apron that stated, “Romaine Calm, Lettuce Carrot On,” an appropriate apron for the occasion. Accompanied by the barbecue food were capri sun’s, an assortment of potato chips and condiments of your choice to complete a well rounded meal.

Vinnie Birkenmeyer, the Assistant Director of Community Development was also in attendance. He mentioned at this evenings event, “Professor Finewood wanted to do this grilling every single weekend!” Vinnie is a passionate and proud Pace alumni whose interests include advancing leadership development, programming and overall making Pace a greater place to be a student.

The last Sunday Grilling is scheduled for October 2, during the same time slot, 5:30-6:00pm.


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