Crumbs On The Table?

Pace has a fairly straightforward system when things on campus need to be fixed, replaced, altered, whatever that specific need is just simply fill out a work order.

Each task that needs doing requires some specific instructions, for housing and residential life, security, and student employment a phone number is listed. Maintenance room issues require going online and creating a maintenance request that can take several days to fix.

Professor’s can place work orders as well. Professor Durahn Taylor was so aggravated during class one day at the fact someone had left crumbs scattered all across the table he was placing his personal belongings on that he contacted the custodial service that cleans those rooms and requested the tables be wiped down to ensure cleanliness for all. The next class, the tables were clean and shiny.

In addition, Junior, Teresa Funk said, “My sophomore year, the first day of school I my microfridge unit and the air conditioning outlets both blew fuses and the maintenance people came the next day.”

Pace University seeks to ensure overall happiness with students and staff alike, however it isn’t always immediate satisfaction which is where issues arise. Having an option like creating a helpdesk ticket that gets sorted into select categories, so specific work crews can address issues as quickly as possible is essential.


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