StrengthsQuest Intern

Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) is one of the most involved campus organizations from forming and implementing new initiatives, student jobs, Setters Leadership Initiatives coordinator, and flyer approval. Those are just a few of the countless services SDCA provides for Pace students. Recently, SDCA has launched a new position titled StrengthsQuest Intern.

The StrengthsQuest interns this semester are Meredith Bowman and DJ Harloff. Both students were involved with the Setters Leadership Initiatives (SLI) programs where it was mandatory to take a StrengthsQuest online quiz to establish their top five strengths.

At common hour on Friday, September 30, they hosted an event that consisted of two cork boards with balloons attached. Inside each balloon was a strength. You were to take a dart, pop a balloon and read the strength inside. If you could accurately describe the strength you won your choice of a t-shirt or candy apple. It was an interactive bazaar game that got students thinking.

Teresa Funk, a member of the Setters Leadership Program, shared her top five: achiever, maximizer, futuristic, focus, and context.

In this position some of their responsibilities entail assisting the current SLI students by printing off information regarding StrengthsQuest for their retreat at the end of August. In addition, during the school year they work closely with the Setters Leadership and Service House (SLH) and the Setters Leadership Program (SLP). In addition, they create common hour activities to get students to interact and understand more about different strengths.




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