Support The Local’s

Pace University’s local sororities have recently faced the pressing issue of paying for their insurance. This semester is the first time that Pace has not factored the local’s insurance payments into the larger budget. Therefore, our local sororities and fraternities are struggling to make ends meet, which is a requirement if they want to stay recognized and active on campus.

Sunday, October 2, the University Panhellenic Council (UPC) hosted a BBQ, however due to poor weather it was redeveloped into a hangout session where the comedic film,  Kevin Hart’s “I’m a Grown Little Man” was played. The sororities in attendance were: Phi Sigma Sigma, Delta Phi Epsilon, Sigma Iota Chi and Nu Zeta Phi.

Upon entering the room, a $3.00 payment was a required donation that would be split amongst the local sororities (Sigma Iota Chi, Nu Zeta Phi and Alpha Lambda Sigma).

There was cheese and pepperoni pizza and penne a la vodka pasta from the local pizzeria, Sal’s. In addition, there was bottled water and a variety of soda’s to choose from.

This event was open to the entire campus, however the majority of people in attendance were members of a sorority. Round tables were set up around the room, and each sorority made one their own.



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