Men In Heels?!

Pi Lambda Phi (Pilam) is a local Greek fraternity on the Pleasantville campus. Today it hosted one of their most fashionable events called, Walk A Mile With Pi Lambda Phi. From 12:00pm to 4:00pm the brothers of Pilam were out and about in the center of campus situated between Elm and Alumni lawn in their heels. A table was set up with the brothers gathered all around waiting to go for a walk for anyone that donated $1.00.

The heels ranged from kitten heels to stilettos, every color and style, and the guys really seemed to be embracing it, even though they said that their toes were going numb.

A brother of Pi Lambda Phi, Jonathan Vargas shared his perspective on today’s event, “Pilam hosted this walk a mile event to promote understanding for victims of domestic violence. The event has individuals literally put themselves in their shoes by wearing heels. It is also a very successful fundraiser gathering a total of $283. All the proceeds will be donated to Hope’s Door, a local charity that shelters victims of domestic abuse.”

Pilam was raising funds and awareness for the fight against domestic violence, which is promotes their overarching philanthropy: elimination of prejudice.




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