Open House

Potential students interested in Pace University were given the opportunity to attend the Pleasantville campus’ annual Open House from 10:00am-4:00pm, Sunday, October 16, 2016.

Tours were given throughout the day by current students who are members of ASPIRE. ASPIRE is a Pace organization that gives students volunteer opportunities around campus. Dressed in matching Pace hoodies, ASPIRE volunteers did a number of different tasks from holding doors open for student tour groups in Kessel to standing at random locations around campus incase anyone needed assistance.

The days events consisted of attending an admission and financial aid informational session which provided student families with an overview of the application process, procedures and scholarship opportunities.

In addition, there was a welcome address by the Vice President of Enrollment and Placement, Robina Schepp. Following this there was an opportunity for students to meet their colleges based on their major. From Dyson, Seidenberg to Lubin, the College of the Health Professions and the School of Education – all gave presentations touching on the main points of their curriculum and opportunities.

A fun addition to Open House is that everything in the bookstore is 10% off, and the days events were snapchatted live by an admission’s ambassador, Ariana, from the New York City campus. T-Bone, Pace’s mascot, was lively and ready for the day.  WPAW was also in attendance, Pace’s main radio station, that played all the music for the day.

Combined with the days events there were also a few special meetings for students pursuing a specific path such as a Transfer Student Q&A,  Athletics Open House, Career Services Expo and a Campus Life Outside the Classroom seminar.


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