Workshops in the Dorms

The Alumni Hall’s faculty-in-residence has made it his mission to create interaction amongst students and faculty outside of the formal classroom.

Faculty-In-Residence workshops have been created this year at various times to promote unity and individualism. The upcoming workshops are: The Bloody Chamber: Fairy Tales Remixes and Rewrites, BAM Fig and the Writing Center Present: Beating Stress the “Write” Way, and Working With Sources and Making Sources Work For You. Hosted at 6:00pm in Alumni 132 on Sunday, October 23rd, November 6th and 27th, respectively.

On Sunday, October 16th there was the first workshop titled, Read Between The Lines: Analysis and Synthesis. Here students writing was being discussed and analysis was used to differentiate whether students were summarizing in their work rather than analyzing. The main question asked and promoted by the advertising flyer was, “Are your professors urging you to “say more” or “expand” within your writing? This workshop was created to aid students with formatting their writing to take on a more analytical layout, in addition to learning tips and tricks on how to do so.

Some of these workshops will feature other faculty and staff, like the upcoming workshop, BAM First Year Interest Group (Fig) and the Writing Center Present: Beating Stress the “Write” Way. Jane Collins, the BAM faculty mentor, will lead this workshop ensuring it is fun while also being hands on. It will cover the main topic of journaling, recognizing its importance as well as sharing how it is a fast, private, form of writing that helps you let off steam, check in with yourself as well as assist you in finding creative ways to succeed both with your schoolwork and relationships.



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