Who Is Carrie Cody?

Carrie Cody is the Digital Communications and Strategy Manager for New York State’s Power Authority (NYPA). She works with a 3-pronged approach which focuses on internal communication (employees), external communication (website), and social media.

Carrie came to speak with Professor Czerwinksi’s Introduction to News Media class regarding her career, the path that got her to where she is today as well as advice for college students, particularly women, in the workplace.

Initially, Carrie began by asking, “How many people have Twitter?” She then continued by emphasizing the importance of social media stating that, “Twitter is crucial. It is one of the best ways to promote yourself or your company as a forward thinker.”

Carrie went on to say that, “Communications is vital to any industry regardless of what platform you are going through.” At the NYPA Cody is currently working on revamping the entire website to make it more interactive and up-to-date. In addition, she manages all of the social media accounts from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter so followers will be knowledgable about the newest energy efficient technology and research, global warming, and those working a the NYPA to see what events they’re attending.

Carrie Cody also spent some time on the importance of women in this field. She said you are automatically judged so developing strong skin is a necessity. You must advocate for yourself, find mentors who can advocate for you, promote your work ethic, and vouch for you. Network with everyone, you never know if they could lead you to your next position. Don’t be afraid to use context, it is okay to use people to find opportunities, don’t burn any bridges and most importantly find something you love doing.

Fun Fact: Carrie was playing softball when Robin Williams died. Everyone began to talk about it and she said the first thing she did was go over to her phone and scroll through Twitter. It truly is the quickest way to find out what is occurring most presently.

Carrie’s biggest advice regarding social media is that you must say something compelling to keep them coming back.


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