Laundry Anyone?

On the Pleasantville campus laundry is free to do, just provide your own detergent and dirty clothes and you’re good to go!

Pace provides a unique website, where you can monitor not only the laundry machines that are in use, but also the ones that are free. You just select your campus, then choose your dormitory from the options of: North, Martin, Townhouse Row 1 or Row 2, and then Alumni by your floor. They have not updated this website to include Elm Hall. This website also includes the feature to show how many minutes, based on estimation, are left for that cycle. In addition, there are four different status that laundry view will show: available, in use, out of order or idle.

In Martin and North the laundry rooms are located in the basement and on the first floor, respectively. Each has five washers and dryers with a sink to rinse clothes and a basic table if you need to fold any items.

Alumni Hall has four washers and dryers per floor, however some are currently being repaired, so traveling to another floor may be necessary. In Elm Hall, there are three washers and three dryers per floor combined with the kitchen units. Again, all laundry is free on this campus, so the only inconvenience may be waiting for an available machine.


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