Mock Election

Pace University students collaborated with the Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) office to continue the Pace University Mock Election tradition founded by Briana Finelli, Alumni, class of 2015.

The Mock Election was held Monday, October 24 through Wednesday, October 25, 2016. Any Pace student who could provide their student identification card was eligible to vote, there was no age requirement.

Phi Sigma Sigma, a national sorority on campus, collaborated and ran the Mock Trial. By splitting up tabling hours amongst the sisters, each taking an hour shift throughout the day, several students came and cast their vote.

The ultimate purpose of hosting the Mock Election was to collect student data and opinions through a survey with a few questions, put all of the data together and send a mass email out to the student body informing them of which candidate Pace predicts will win the election.

Phi Sigma Sigma held a tabling event Wednesday, October 25, to bring awareness about the Mock Election both explaining what it is and why its important. They also provided stickers that read, “SDCA Presents Mock Election 2016, I Voted With Phi Sigma Sigma.”Also at the tabling were free cupcakes made by sister, Jaclyn Fennell.




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