Advising Time

Registration time is just around the corner, which in turn means that Pace students should be meeting with their academic advisors.

Touching base with your advisor each semester regarding your current standing, credit totals and courses you still need to take is a crucial task you should definitely pencil in.

Whether you’re a first year student and required to meet with your advisor to release the holds on your account, or if you’re a senior and you need to prepare for graduation; no matter your year scheduling an appointment is an essential!

Crossing off required courses on your major’s spreadsheet is a rewarding feeling. Not only does meeting with your advisor ensure your on track, it is also the time you can discuss adding in a potential minor, or even double majoring.

For example, in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, advisors Ann Marie McGlynn, and recent hire, Samantha Clarke, handle all of the appointments for majors ranging from Economics and Political Science to Anthropology and Digital Journalism.

You can call 914-773-3781 if you would like to schedule an appointment, or reach out to the Assistant Dean of Student Advising, Heather Calchera. Each college has their own set of advisors, and if you don’t know yours the Pace website lists them all.


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