Spring Registration

It is now mid-November, and Spring registration season is upon us.

Depending upon your academic year, major and a variety of other factors such as: student athlete, nurse, graduate student, fifth-year, honors college, etc., affects what your registration time will be.

Registration is not just as simple as going to the schedule explorer tab on Pace Portal and picking out which courses sound the most interesting. Initially, in order to register each student must ensure that there are no holds on their account which will impact his or her registration ability. In addition, first year students must have their holds lifted by their academic advisor after a meeting each semester.

A course sheet of required “Areas of Knowledge,” writing enhanced courses, internship requirements, major course requirements and several other credit suggestions must be met before students register in courses of their choosing without direction.

Some students that have a large amount of free credits may choose to add in a minor, or take on a bigger endeavor and double major.

Spring registration can be a stressful time, particularly if the time given you are in class or in attendance with a club. A perk to registration is that as long as there is room in a course you may add or drop any course at any time until schedules are finalized for next semester.



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