MyPaceMobile App

Pace University is staying in tune with the changing technological times and has created a free app.

When you open the app it requires a sign on using your Pace email and password. After this it displays the home screen with several informative features.

This app provides a course listing where you can see all of the names of your peers including your professor. In addition, it shows your previous semesters and the courses you took.

There are other icons such as “Locate Classes” which provides all of the room assignments for classes. You simply select your term, the campus, the major the course falls under and the level of the course.

In addition, there is a finals schedule, a bus schedule, student events, Pace events, maps of the campus, a link to Blackboard, directory, important numbers such as the school nurse and security and the dining hall. This app encompasses not just the Pleasantville student body’s needs, but New York City’s as well.

There are also tabs for athletics, student advisement, the counseling center, library, admission and a few other helpful features. This app provides notifications for when professors post information on Blackboard and it differentiates between whether the notification is regarding assignments, grades, discussions or general announcements.

Overall, this app is a great way for students to find everything they need, and everything they need to know about Pace all in one mobile location.


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