Men Can Cook?

Real Men Can Cook, was an event hosted by Delta Phi Epsilon on Thursday, November 17, in Kessel Student Center’s Gottesman multi-purpose room. The event took place at 9:00pm. The mistresses of ceremony were sophomore, Anna Aspra and senior, Savanna Juengerkes.

The room was crowded with several Greek organizations that co-sponsored this event, such as Alpha Lambda Sigma, Alpha Chi Rho, Nu Zeta Phi and Phi Sigma Sigma. Delta Phi Epsilon sported all black attire to demonstrate that they were the ones hosting this event. The Real Men Can Cook money raised is going to be donated to their philanthropy, Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). Anna commented, “We hold our philanthropy near and dear to our heart,” so any funds they can raise makes a difference.

On stage, there were four podiums, with four separate teams competing for the prize of a Visa gift card. One team made frittata while another made steak crustines. In addition to the food being served at the podium, there was a wing eating contest and appetizers in the back of the room. This included mozzarella sticks, curly fries, chicken wings of different spiciness, cookies, a variety of chips and dip and beverages.

After everyone enjoyed the food, tables were asked to walk up the front of the room and vote for which teams food they felt was better than the rest. Ultimately, the winners of the Real Men Can Cook challenge hosted by Delta Phi Epsilon sorority were the brothers of Alpha Phi Delta: Christian Vergnes, Mina Zoulis and Adam Marshall.


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