The Pace 4 Kids Dance Marathon (P4K) is an eight hour event from 3:00pm to 11:00pm where the Pleasantville campus and community come together to raise funds and awareness for the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. This year was the 4th Annual P4K!

The goal this year was to raise $30,000 to donate, and although that goal was not met, Pace and friends did raise over $18,000!

As you walked into Kessel you found drinks, snacks and dinner served down near the bookstore, in the Gottesman room was where all of the dancing occurred. As you walked in there was a step-and-repeat banner with P4K wood letter props in addition to an Instagram photo cutout for anyone to take pictures in front of. As you walked around the room you found Pace 4 Kids in large silver balloons along the back wall with drawings from children at Maria Fareri. In addition, there was a stage, where guest speakers and families spoke. There was also a large screen where videos were played, and a balloon arch.


The event was primarily hosted by Executive Director, Lindsey Soto and Pace’s very own comedian, Courtney Johnson. Soto gave the attendees directions and basic announcements in addition to several other behind the scenes needs. Johnson got the crowd excited, joked around and kept everyone going for the full eight hours. IMG_3703.PNG


There was a video shown that the hospital staff filmed to demonstrate to Pace students how the money we raise is spent on advancing Maria Fareri’s equipment.  Our funds along with other schools that work with the Children’s Miracle Network were able to raise enough to build this unique imaging suite which features fun images, sounds and colors to make radiation on children easier. This imaging facility cost $1.4 million dollars to create, and Pace University was a large donor.

Meredith Bono, part of the hospital staff and Andy LaGuardia, the director of Communications at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital both spoke at P4K expressing their gratitude and informing us of what hosting this event means to them.












Pace University’s moral dancers performed throughout the night keeping the energy of the attendees high. Nick Wang and Brianna Perriello were the leaders of the group, and have participated in previous P4K’s. Each hour we learned a new part of the morale dancer’s eight minute routine, which was very intense and high energy that combined several different songs in a fun mashup. Below, is a photograph of the crowd learning the dance.

Throughout the evening the Pace dance team performed, along with a variety of dance studios that performed routines. There was a special part of the evening where kids and families from the hospital came to P4K shared their stories, and hung out with Pace students.

Hanging all around the area were signs displaying various facts and statistics regarding childhood cancer. The goal of the entire night was for everyone to remain standing because cancer doesn’t sleep, and these kids don’t get to rest and stop fighting, so why should we? The slogan was, “We dance for the kids who can’t.”


In addition to the festivities, there was a raffle and auction on art work made by Pace alumni as well as kids from the hospitals. Delta Phi Epsilon sorority bid and this painting from a Maria Fareri child for $402.00


There was a $10.00 registration fee to enter, and if students raised over $50.00 P4K thanked them with a free t-shirt. All of the funds raised stay local, and all of the funds raised at this P4K are being put towards advancing the Pediatric Cancer Center.

For more information, head to the P4K website: http://www.pace4kids.com












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