Adam Rubin

Getting his start at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Adam Rubin found his passion for journalism when he decided to join the school paper.

Rubin graduated with a degree in Economics, and his first job was with the Birmingham News in Alabama. There, he covered several different current events, and as a young adult in a new city, he was grateful for those who took him under their wing.

Following this, Rubin networked his way into working for the New York Daily News, and after his ten years there covering the Mets he followed in the footsteps of his boss and moved to ESPN.

Although Adam Rubin is a journalist, he does not read a paper copy of the newspaper. In addition, he has found that more people are viewing websites via smartphone and tablet as opposed to a desktop, recent ESPN polls have confirmed.

Mr. Rubin explained how he is on the road for about 160 days out of the year between Spring  training, seasonal games, meetings and on the road games, the work never ceases.

In addition, Rubin gave an example where he explained, “Neil Walker was given a deal from the Mets to accept. Rubin was waiting for confirmation to break the news, and that extra second he took resulted in him posting his article at 5:00pm, and unfortunately someone else had published the article at 4:58pm.”

Rubin explained, “Stories are priorities.” The world of journalism has been altered by digital technology, and the job has changed. When the paper would go to print there was no editing left to be done, however when you publish an article digitally, there is always time for alterations and edits.” This makes the job 24/7 resulting in consistent internet scrolling, and it often takes a toll on having a life away from the job.



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