Relay For Life Kickoff!

The Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) organization hosted its biannual Relay for Life kickoff event tonight, November 30, 2016 at 9:00pm in Wilcox Hall’s multipurpose room. President, Antonietta Dalia, and co-relay chairs Harley Coutts and Jalyn Robinson, all introduced and spoke throughout the event.

There were homemade cupcakes, brownies, cookies and ziti made by the CAC eBoard members free to all who attended as well as beverages. At each round table there was a game in the center for all to play. From Janga and Twister to Headbandz and Scrabble, over ten games were available to be played. In addition, the theme of Relay for Life this year is “Cancer doesn’t play games.”


There was also a guest speaker, Cassidy Caroselli, member of the Pace swim team who was born with cancer and went through two rounds of chemotherapy and ultimately came out cancer free. She shared her story, about how she currently stays active with Relay for Life and how she still lights a luminara bag each year for a friend she lost during her time spent fighting cancer.

Several inspiring and informative videos were played throughout the night. In addition, the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority had several of there sisters attend to support Relay for Life.


The Kickoff night was by having the audience decide the upcoming goal which was voted to be $50,000. Also, the words “HOPE” were displayed on a wall with blue painters tape and inside the words everyone was to write on a sticky note who they are relaying for and stick it inside the words.



To register for Relay for Life or to find out more information visit:;jsessionid=00000000.app307b?NONCE_TOKEN=DD4BD352566396F950D987B2DF55FAD9&pagename=relay




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