Rules Of The Road

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, Fraser P. Seitel spoke to a group of Introduction to News Media students at Pace University. Seitel was a guest speaker for part of the class, where he addressed his interests in journalism as well as his current career as a Public Relations consultant.

Seitel gave a Powerpoint presentation on his 11 “Rule of the Road” accompanied by advice and interesting videos to correspond that catered to being in the public relations field.

The Rules According to Fraser: Firstly, nothing is ever off the record. An interview is not a conversation and everything said unless specifically stated otherwise is on the record. Next, enforcing the idea that the interview is truly an interview, not a conversation amongst old pals. Reporters are there to get information out of you, not to be nice. Thirdly, be prepared, and this includes preparing your client for the hardest questions and ensuring they have an appropriate answer.

Rule number five was control the agenda, six was start strong and walk in knowing, and the seventh rule was to show humanity. Moving into rule eight which discussed the idea of not being a bully. There are ways to get answers from interviews in a way where you do not need to approach the interviewee in such an intense manor. Number nine was, “Never Let ‘Em See Ya Sweat.” Truly remaining calm particularly when the hard punches are thrown is crucial. Ten expressed the importance of ending an interview strong, because thats primarily what the audience will remember first. And, last but not least, number eleven was to “Enjoy The Mugging” which meant that interviewers will try their best to aggravate you into revealing information so just act like your enjoying it.

Overall, the presentation by Fraser Seitel was both informative and humorous. He is an extremely knowledge and experienced individual in the business who has made a notable reputation for himself and in turn has gained high profile clients due to his ability to assess, analyze and prepare people for the media.


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